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        日 期 2019-06-18 - 2019-06-22
        展览馆 TUYAP会展中心

        Yap? - Turkeybuild Istanbul has provided world class international building materials and technology events across Turkey since 1978.
        Bringing the world to Turkey
        Yap? - Turkeybuild Istanbul brings together representatives of the building industry from Turkey, the Balkans, Northern Africa, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS. The events are opportunities to present and discover the latest product innovations, and serve as busienss development platforms. The exhibitions also feature rich business programmes to support industry professionals and benefit the sector.

        Quality show content to increase regional strength

        The events' content, including the business development platform events, the Guest Country, Guest Region and Tarket Market projects, and Golden Magent Stand Awards, have become among the corporate reputation tools of the building sector. In this way, the exhibitions contribute to Turkey's building sector becoming a rising star. By courtesy of international cooperation it conducts, it acts as an intermediary in the transfer of worldwide knowledge and business opportunities to the region.

        Yap? - Turkeybuild Istanbul is organised by YEM Exhibitions, the Turkish branch of ITE Group plc. 

        ITE Group is one of the world's leading organisers of international trade exhibitions and conferences, organising over 240 annual exhibitions and conferences worldwide. YEM Exhibitions' 40 years’ experience and ITE Group combine strong global network under one roof and help to create new business opportunities for the sector. 
        YEM Exhibitions, in cooperating with renowned building sector exhibitions such as BAU and MosBuild, brings together a vast number of professionals, from manufacturer to end user, together to develop business collaboration and export-focused projects. 


        Yap? - Turkeybuild Istanbul is the longest-established, biggest and best building exhibition in Turkey. It's a hub for buyers, manufacturers, distributors and specifiers - not just from Turkey but for the surrounding region as well.
        Now in its 42nd year, the Yap? - Turkeybuild Istanbul exhibition attracts the major producers, manufacturers and distributing companies of the Turkish building sector, ready with vibrant stands to meet new business partners like you. The event's product sectors cover insulation, building chemicals, facades and roofing, structural systems, interior decor products, machinery, hardware and tools, automation and smart home products, and everything else of use in the building, construction, architecture and engineering sectors. Alongside this is an event programme with exciting speakers, fantastic displays, and education seminars.

        All this means that visiting Yap? - Turkeybuild Istanbul could be the best business decision you make all year. 

        WHY EXHIBIT?

        Yap? - Turkeybuild Istanbul is the platform for brands to reach Turkey's immense building and construction sector. For over 40 years we have connected brands to buyers - and we can do the same for you.

        The exhibition, which takes place in June 2019, is the main meeting place for the building sector in Turkey and the region in general. With the biggest brands in the country, top speakers and educational events, and networking opportunities, it's the community's focal point of the year. 

        This makes YAPI Turkeybuild the most effective way to boost your brand, grow your network and do business in Turkey. The return on your investment and time is unparalleled - join us in June 2019.

        Contact US

        Person: Ms. Banu Keskin
        Position: Event Director
        Tel: +90 212-291 83 10 
        Email: banu.eser@ite-turkey.com
        Web: yapifuari.com.tr/Home
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